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Find Focus

By Heather Dimitt-Fletcher

Nonprofits can have many funding needs. You may have read that statement and thought, “No kidding.” Here’s the important thing about that statement, more than likely your donors realize that too. They probably recognize that funding is necessary to offer case management if you’re a social services’ organization, to provide feed and tack for horses if you’re a therapeutic riding organization, or to have a theatre if you’re a youth performing arts’ organization. However, as an after school program, when you say to one donor “We need $300,000 to pay staff, $50,000 to buy new computers, $100,000 to provide after school snacks, $5,000 for books, and $1.5 million to build and equip a new gym,” it’s overwhelming. Maybe you know you would NEVER say that in person to a donor, but what about your print materials?

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