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Staff & Board Training & Development

Is your board in a state of transition or should it be evolving for organizational success? Is your nonprofit transforming and current staff need to enhance their skills for new responsibilities or to address changes? Obtain the information and skills you need, when you need them, at a pace that fits your schedule.

Additionally, if you need assistance generating core documents such as an employee handbook, a branding guide, a program manual, a volunteer handbook, a board member guidebook, or a crisis communication plan, we can help.


Leadership Consulting

Reports from the field consistently show that nonprofit executives believe their work is immensely fulfilling and yet often challenging and isolating. At the same time, there are concerns about the longevity of staff to grow into future leadership roles. We can provide insight and support for current leaders to achieve success, to help identify and develop future leaders, to optimize team effectiveness, and in evaluating and evolving organizational culture.


Program Planning & Evaluation

There are many elements involved in designing nonprofit programs including establishing the theory of change, identifying the strategies to achieve the change, and selecting staff. Evaluating your impact is also crucial to program planning. Communicating your impact to donors, funders and partners is necessary for sustainability. With guidance from our consultants, you’ll be able to plan for data collection, generate assessment tools, clean and assess your existing data, and visualize your key performance indicators.


Fund Development & Grant Writing

Securing the funds necessary to support your mission is a crucial part of your organization’s overall functions. Whether you need assistance creating a fund development plan or a comprehensive donor stewardship plan, analyzing the ROI of fundraising events and campaigns, or identifying effective strategies to expand your fund development efforts, our breadth of expertise can provide you with the necessary support.

We also offer on-going contract services such as production of annual campaign collateral and grant writing. Additionally, if you wrote your proposal but could use assistance ensuring it is clear, concise and complete, our editing and review service may be the answer.


Strategic & Succession Planning

What does the future hold for your organization? Strategic planning is crucial to set that future vision, identify your priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, and identify measures of success. Succession planning is a natural extension of strategic planning as it focuses on identifying and advancing your organization’s future leadership. We can help you clarify your vision, action plan, and outcomes.

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