Our Name

You may wonder about the origin of our name. Kolibri means hummingbird. In many cultures, hummingbirds are considered to be messengers. Our company’s passion is serving as a centralized source of the information your organization needs to be successful. The hummingbird’s flight pattern involves forward and backward movements, hovering in one place and quick bursts of speed. This pattern is symbolic of the need to step backward to closely examine a situation, along with the ability to act quickly and agilely in emergent situations. By sharing the wealth of knowledge our consultants have with you, it’s our aim to help your organization successfully analyze your current strengths and needs, then equip you with the skills to flourish in the future.

Heather Dimitt-Fletcher

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant

With over 20 years leadership experience in the nonprofit and education sectors, Heather is a solutions-oriented change agent guiding organizations in developing strategic plans and systemic thinking that advances their programs, marketing and communications, fund development, and sustainability. Heather’s clients appreciate her creativity in bridging the gap between the ideal and the practical in planning and implementation. You can contact Heather at heather@kolibriassociates.com.

“I believe the nonprofit and education sectors are an ideal place to make a positive difference in the world. Unfortunately, the numerous challenges the sectors face often impede or slow down their ability to make an impact. It takes a great deal of time for staff and board members of individual organizations to develop the vast array of knowledge and skills necessary to overcome those challenges. That’s time many of our clients can’t afford. By matching consultants who have already developed the necessary knowledge and skills with those organizations’ staff and board members, we can help move the sectors as a whole forward, making a positive change in our communities, and throughout the world.”

Dave Overfelt

Co-founder and principal consultant

As an analyst, Dave supports nonprofits in evaluating programs and processes to make better decisions. With experience from diverse industries and a focus on the data, Dave has helped numerous teams improve the organization and execution of their day to day activities. Dave’s clients have found that data driven focus to be crucial in communicating their organization’s impact. He can be reached at dave@kolibriassociates.com.


“With more information available around every corner, understanding an operating environment gets more challenging every day. There are more decisions to make and more to review about every decision, which ultimately leaves less time to spend on any given topic. Through helping organizations better understand, structure, communicate, and implement their work, we can truly create a more sustainable and effective workflow that increases impacts.”